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Our Differences

  1. Your property manager is also an owner who hire a property manager for own rental properties. We are on the same page!
  2. Simple and competitive pricing for the management fee and the resident placement fee.
  3. One point of contact by a property manager who is in business since 2008. You won’t be communicating with different people.
  4. One 24/7 portal to access the financial ledger, and all the documents, such as the lease agreement and the management agreement. You can also deposit funds, if necessary, from the portal.  
  5. Easy onboarding Process with no onboarding fee. You just have to complete one checklist online to be on board with us. 
  6. No long-term property management agreement. Cancel when you want with just a 30-day notice.
  7. Owner-draw sent in 10 days. No need to wait weeks to get your money.
  8. A semi-annual walk-through is included in the management fee.
  9. The monthly owner statement is delivered to your inbox.
  10. The residents enjoy the Resident Benefits Package, which will benefit the residents and the owners by encouraging the residents to pay rent on time and maintain the unit. NO additional cost to the owners.
  11. Only vetted and experienced vendors who do jobs the right way at a fair price are used for the repairs.
  12. A custom lease agreement is reviewed by an attorney. 
  13. Constant investing in education (networking, attending conferences, receiving training, etc.) so more values can be added to the owners.
  14. NARPM (National Association of Property Managers) member since 2018.
  15. We list on MLS. This will allow maximum exposure to all potential residents.
  16. Various guarantees, coming soon!